Heart Wall Clearing

Emotion code specifically for the Heart Wall, to release emotions.

  • 45 minutes
  • 44 US dollars
  • Phone/Zoom Session

Service Description

A Heart Wall Clearing is a heart focused emotion code healing, unlike a typical Emotion Code session, we focus only on your heart wall, if you struggle with heavy emotions and are having difficulty getting through or over something. This is an awesome healing, as it gets directly to specific emotions that are energetically trapped like a thorn with a fence around it in your body, in your HEART wall, by locating these emotions and even getting to the details of where and when it originally happened you can then release those trapped emotions that are wreaking havoc on your heart, body and soul, and everyday life. Dr. Bradley Nelson a chiropractor developed this technique if you want to read more about it "The Emotion Code" book. You can also learn to do this for yourself and get certified to promote healing in your life and others in it. Try a session and see if it's for you, this can aid in the healing of your entire family, even those who have already passed. Free your Heart

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